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Firma de curatenie iti face casa "luna"

Firma de curatenie iti face casa "luna" Esti la birou, la cumparaturi, mereu pe fuga, iar in week-end abia reusesti sa iti tragi rasuflarea... Cine sa mai faca ordine si curatenie prin casa? Parca nu ai vrea sa ii "pedepesesti" pe micutii tai punandu-i sa isi faca zilnic ordine prin camera... O solutie ar fi sa angajezi o firma de curatenie, mai ales ca vin Sarbatorile de iarna, iar casa ta trebuie sa arate impecabil.

Spalatul geamurilor sau a covoarelor, lustruitul mobilei, stersul prafului... "Offf, cate am de facut! Cat timp si efort trebuie sa investesc...", parca aud pe fiecare dintre noi. Pentru a nu-ti mai face atatea probleme, angajeaza o firma de curatenie. Sunt foarte multe pe piata din Romania, iar preturile nu sunt exagerate.

De exemplu, firma SwissClean percepe 4 lei/mp pentru curatenie generala, 3 lei/mp/luna, in cazul in care te decizi sa faci curatenie de intretinere, iar daca tocmai te-ai mutat intr-o locuinta noua sau ti-ai reamenajat-o de curand, firma iti percepe 4 lei/mp, insemand curatenia dupa constructor (spalatul geamurilor si indepartarea stropilor de vopsea, curatarea suprafetelor afectate de constructor, stersul si lustruitul pardoselilor etc.)

Preturile variaza de la o firma de curatenie la alta. Curatatul geamurilor costa intre 2 lei si 4 lei/mp, iar daca vrei sa ai covoare curate, platesti intre 4 lei si 5 lei/mp.  

In cazul in care vrei sa iti faci curatenie generala in garsoniera, tariful pe care ti-l percepe o firma de curatenie se incadreaza intre 250 si 300 lei; pentru un apartament cu doua camere - 350 lei, trei camere - 400 lei, patru camere - 450 lei, iar pentru vile care depasesc 200 mp, trebuie sa scoti din buzunar aproximativ 1200 lei.

How to Break Down Business Expenses for Taxes

The Internal Revenue Service requires businesses to keep a record of expenses for tax auditing and filing purposes. Small businesses may have fewer expenses than larger companies and can track them using the four basic categories of expenses, purchases, travel and assets. Each category can contain subcategories to include more specific expenses particular to your business. Using an efficient method of tracking expenses, such as computer software or a spreadsheet, also can make it easier to assess the budget and adjust costs.
Step 1

Track expenses by looking at costs incurred by your business to operate and function. This includes common costs such as renting a storefront and employee salaries. Ordinary and necessary business expenses in for-profit companies usually are deductible.

Step 2

Track business purchases. Purchases are incurred costs based on products purchased and resold. For producers, this includes purchased raw materials that are manufactured into another product. Categorize your proof of purchase methods, including canceled checks, cash register tapes, account statements, credit card sales slips, invoices and petty cash slips for small cash payments with your business purchases.

Step 3

List travel, car operation costs, mileage and meals as part of a separate category. These expenses may be deductible. If your business qualifies, you can use either the actual expense method, which deducts the entire cost of vehicle use, or the standard mileage rate, which reimburses a certain amount based on mileage. Businesses weigh which method will give them the highest return amount. Talk with your accountant to see if your business qualifies.

Step 4

Write a list of assets including machinery, furniture and property your business uses. Keep a record to calculate annual depreciation costs. Also keep a record of any gains or losses when your business sells assets. Maintain record such as the purchase price, improvement costs of assets, depreciation deductions taken, selling prices and expenses of the sale.

Step 5

Write a list of other benefits not already covered. If your business has numerous expenses, such as employee benefits and tuition reimbursement programs, break these expenses down into subsections that are more specific to the individual needs of your company. Keep credit card sales slips and invoices for IRS-required recording purposes with a expense tracking aplication

Google Adwords Alternatives

When it comes to running a PPC campaign, the first name that comes to your mind is AdWords from Google. While this is a really good ad network, it is also a very expensive one. Even with careful keyword selection and targeting, it is not an exception to pay more for AdWords ads than you make in revenue. Cost is the main reason to look for alternatives to AdWords. Fortunately, such alternatives do exist and the best is that some of them could even outperform AdWords in terms of return on investment. Here are 12 great AdWords alternatives to consider.

1 . Facebook Paid Ads

Facebook paid ads are a great alternative, especially if you are targeting a younger audience. Facebook is the number one social network and (almost) the whole world has an account with it. Facebook ads offer lots of targeting options – you can choose age, location, gender, hobbies of the audience to watch your ads. However, do have in mind that with Facebook generally the click through is lower, so don't get discouraged if on Facebook you get fewer clicks on your ads than on other networks – this is pretty normal.

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Truth about

You might have heard the name of from various experienced webmasters. Dmoz is actually an abbreviated form of directory Mozilla. It is being utilized by various smart webmasters to improve their website’s performance. Knowing more about Dmoz, it is actually an article directory that accepts article submissions from all and is run voluntarily by a group across the globe. If you are looking for some directory, an efficient one, to list up your website, this is the one you are searching for. Tasks are simplified by it unlike various others by the use of various technically advanced tools including of editing and links.

Pick a SEO Friendly Designer

A Web designer is one of the persons without whom it is not possible to create a site. However, when SEO is concerned, Web designers can be really painful to deal with. While there are many Web designers, who are SEO-proficient, it is still not an exception to stumble upon design geniuses, who are focused only on the graphic aspect of the site. For them SEO is none of their business and they couldn't care less for something as unimportant as good rankings with search engines. Needless to say, if you hire such a designer, don't expect that your site will rank well with search engines.

If you will do SEO on your own, then you might not care a lot about the SEO skills of your Web designer but still there are design issues as we'll see next, which can affect your rankings very badly. When he or she designs the site against SEO rules, then it is not possible to fix this with SEO tricks.


The Advantage of Seasonal SEO

Every business, regardless of industry, is subject to seasonality. For some companies, their seasonality actually aligns with the seasons. For instance, a pool cleaning company isn’t going to have much business during the fall and winter months, but business booms come summertime. Other companies’ seasonality coincides with the sales cycles of their usual customers. If IT budgets need to be approved before the holidays, then IT services companies probably expect to see an influx in leads come the New Year when their customers’ budgets have been green lit. SEO can’t control the amount of search volume in your given niche (which in turn impacts visitor count and your site’s conversions rate) but seasonal SEO can put your website in the right place at the right time to take advantage of what traffic there is, however little or much that may be.
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